3D Smile Technology

3D imaging at our office can more precisely plan orthodontic treatments and complete them in a short amount of3d imaging orthodontics time. I-CAT 3D imaging is one of the leaders in this technology and helps orthodontists provide superior results for their patients.

3D imaging for orthodontics offers shorter scan times, less radiation and more precise treatment planning for your new smile.

How i-CAT Works
So what is i-CAT? This award-winning technology uses a cone-shaped beam to scan and quickly reconstruct a high-definition 3D image of your mouth on a computer. The information from the scan helps your orthodontist quickly analyze critical parts of your mouth and determine a customized treatment plan based on your needs.

Benefits of i-CAT
3D imagingIn addition to quickly reconstructing a 3D image of your mouth, i-CAT gives patients and orthodontists a variety of other benefits. Here are some of them:
• Superior image control – It’s hard to control traditional X-rays. Your dentist must manually align them and retake them if the quality isn’t high enough. I-CAT, on the other hand, allows orthodontists to customize areas of interest and uses a low dose of radiation. This dramatically increases the detail of the image and lets your orthodontist plan more precisely.
• One scan – With just one scan using i-CAT, your orthodontist can view every single area of your mouth, from your teeth and roots to your jaw, airway and sinuses. Traditional X-rays require multiple scans and can’t reach certain areas.
• More precise analysis – i-CAT reveals the exact location of each of your teeth, meaning your orthodontist has access to root angles, impactions, developing teeth and more. This helps avoid any unnecessary treatments while saving you time and frustration.
The biggest benefit of i-CAT, however, is the easy, quick process.

The i-CAT process
i-CAT utilizes Quick Scan technology, meaning you can receive a full scan in just 4.8 seconds. All you have to do is have a quick consultation with your orthodontist, sit down and let the machine do its work. Say goodbye to long wait times and wearing those uncomfortable bitewings!


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