Adult Braces

adult bracesIf you’re an adult and someone asks you if you’ve considered orthodontics, your reply might be something like this: “What? Orthodontics? At my age?” You might be surprised to know that orthodontics aren’t just for kids anymore. In fact, according to the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO), there are a record number of adult orthodontic patients today, and thanks to advances in technology, you can actually get braces at any age.

Benefits of Adult Braces

Many adults think there is no point to get braces later in life, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Braces have a variety of benefits for adults and can prevent dental problems or the need for excessive dental work later on. Not convinced? Here are some of the biggest benefits of adult orthodontics:

  • A healthier mouth: Crooked teeth and misaligned bites make it harder to thoroughly clean your teeth. Hard-to-reach areas can develop plaque and eventually gum disease. If you don’t address this, it’s more likely you’ll need dentures or dental implants.
  • Less pain: If your jaw or teeth hurt, braces may be able to alleviate it. By changing the position of your teeth, braces make it easier to eat, talk and even smile.
  • Quick treatment: In the past, people usually had to wear braces for years and years. Today, treatment time is usually three years or less, with some people completing treatment in less than a year.
  • Shifting teeth: If you had braces as a child, adult braces can correct the natural shifting your teeth may have experienced.
  • Low cost: Braces are an incredible investment, especially when you combine insurance and payment plans. Best of all you’ll be able to enjoy their benefits for the rest of your life.

Another great reason to get adult orthodontics is the number of options available today.

Orthodontic Options for Adults

There are a wide variety of orthodontic options for adults today. Whether you’re concerned about appearance, comfort or maintenance, there are braces for you. Here are the most popular options:

  • Metal braces – Traditional metal braces are much thinner and comfortable than in the past.
  • Clear or ceramic braces – These natural-colored braces are less noticeable than metal braces.
  • Invisalign braces – The only person who knows someone is wearing Invisalign braces is the person wearing them! These are practically invisible, but just as effective as regular braces.



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